FILLED: Stockholm: Executive Producer, Video Games

As the Executive Producer you are responsible for overseeing all phases of development for a portfolio of game development projects from the concept phase through release. You will be executing the vision, strategy and long term roadmap of the gaming experience in close collaboration with creative leaders, team and stakeholders.

The position ensures strong linkage with the marketing group to position products effectively with consumers and retailers. The Executive Producer also reviews and approves project milestones and related payments. 

You’ll work across countries, offices and time zones. Key to this role is the ability to be meticulous and organized with great attention to detail, as well as having an ability to inspire and motivate your team.


  • Develop strong relationships to establish and maintain a reliable and timely flow of information and materials to all parties as necessary.
  • Identify and establish required asset pipelines on the production side to ensure timely delivery of assets as required to promote and publish the finished product.
  • Together with team and stakeholders drive the creation and development of concept, strategy and long term roadmap for the games.
  • Product ownership and responsible for full game lifecycle.
  • Coordinate and support your team.
  • Lead presentations, design reviews and approval meetings.


  • 10+ years of experience as Executive Producer, Senior Producer or similar in the games industry.
  • Positive attitude, high level of integrity, willingness to walk the extra mile.
  • Proven ability to plan, create and maintain a highly effective milestone schedule for multiple disciplines in all phases of development, from concept to completion.
  • Excellent communication skills, in both written and verbal English.
  • Experience demonstrating games/products in front of audiences.
  • Good decision maker.
  • Great sense of humour.

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