Nu Creatives is an agency specializing in HR and Digital Talent Acquisition.

We have 17 years’ experience from working with digital talent acquisition and HR, and offer Expertise, Quality and Commitment.

Our clients range from large, knowledge-based, international corporations to small, pioneering start-ups. We have offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg but location is secondary. We are mobile!

Talent Acquisition Services

  • Full Recruitment: We do the entire process, from attractive job post and communication – through search and headhunting – to hire. We are used to tricky recruitments and like a challenge!
  • Freelance Agency: We have a big network of talented freelancers, ready for your quick and temporary needs.
  • Second Opinion: We help evaluate your candidate.
  • Personality Test: In-depth understanding of your candidate (or team member for that matter).

Examples of Recruitments (but not limited to)

Visual Designer
UX Designer
Service Designer
Product Designer
Frontend Developer
Web Developer
Fullstack Developer
Backend Developer
Software Engineer

Android Developer
iOS Developer
QA Engineer
Technical Director
Project Manager
Digital Producer
Web Analyst
Strategist, Digital Transformation
Digital Marketeer

Digital Communication Manager
Sound Producer
Executive Producer, Games
Level Designer, Games
Lead Artist, Games
Game Art Generalist
Game FX Artist
3D/2D Artist


having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas

Consulting Services

  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Analytics: We collect and analyse your data, and suggest relevant improvements. 
  • Recruitment Design: We help you optimize how you work with recruitment.
  • Employer Branding: We provide strategies for short- and long term effects.
  • Onboarding Procedure: We help you get it in place.
  • Content Writing: Attractive job posts, content for career site and social media, candidate communication, blog posts and articles are all examples of what we can help you with, in English and Swedish.

We Are Mobile!

Location is secondary. We have clients in London, New York, LA, Berlin and Sweden And our network is worldwide.

Meet Anna

I am an HR Professional with 10+ years of experience from HR Consulting & Recruitment and 6+ years from in-house work at Gaming, SaaS and other digital industry companies. I’m interested in organisation, people and enabling successful business, and have a big international network of talented people, foremost within creative and tech.
Anna Persson, Owner and Consultant

What Clients Say

We contracted Anna as a recruiter when we had to fill six open positions within a short period of time. I was impressed by her ability to quickly understand our needs, and I admire her listening and communication skills. She was always available and highly efficient in everything she did. Her combination of vast experience and high integrity made her the perfect sounding board for us in basically any HR related matter. She was a great ambassador for our company and was always very professional with the candidates. I would highly recommend Anna and I would gladly hire her again.

By Maria Ingelsson, when HR Director at Favro AB

Anna has been of great help at numerous times, especially when it has been hard for us to find skilled Artists with specific knowledge, such as VFX skills for example, but also more junior Artists that we have hired with fine results.

By Rikard Hilding, Art Director at Quickspin AB

I decided to contract Anna as a recruiter for a position our regular recruitment partners failed to deliver on. Within weeks she had delivered several strong candidates where 2 major agencies had come up empty after three months on the assignment. The candidate we chose to hire is now six months in and already a tremendous asset to our team. I would recommend Anna, without hesitation, to anyone recruiting within the digital industry.

By Robert Crivei, when HR at Benify AB

Anna initially joined during the summer to cover during the summer when we had a larger recruitment pressure than expected. Anna got into what was needed and became a big relief for me. After the summer, Anna stayed and helped run the work on our new career side. As a person, Anna is very committed and creative and it has really been fun to have the opportunity to work with Anna!

By Christin Pettersson, HR Director at Looklet AB

Anna did a fantastic job at FI. It was great to see her apply her unbelievable instincts. Thanks to her skills and hard work, the FI Stockholm team grew in a short period of time combining people with different exciting backgrounds. Her professionalism and dedication to recruitment was very much appreciated.

By Johan Lopes, when Technical Director at Fantasy Interactive

Anna was recruiting the team for our new web department; she was responsible in finding professionals which match together in a complete new team. And as I can see on our team spirit, Anna did a really good job. I also want to point out her advanced technical knowledge, which she showed in the interview situations.

By Norbert Täubl, when Technical Director at STOPP / Media Monks


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