Why You Should Involve Your Employees More

When I graduated from the HR education about 20 years ago, I remember being very surprised to discover all the problems going on in each and every company I got to know. I admit that I probably was a bit naive and filled with idealistic views of how things should be, so I couldn’t fathom reality entirely. As time passed, I learned and accepted that more or less all companies have their issues, and that that is just how it is.

Working as a Consultant, I meet many different companies, and there is one particular thing that stands out to me as a generator of negative and unhappy employees, which I consider one of the biggest problems for any company in the long run, if not taken care of. The detractors, those who steal energy every day by complaining and being negative most of the time, and the same people who create bad rumors inside and outside of the company.

Anyone working with recruitment knows the importance of a strong employer brand. How can you, and why would you want to try to attract people to a company with a bad employer brand? A company needs to work with their employee satisfaction first. It starts there and nowhere else.

So what is the common trait in companies with too many detractors? Is it bad salary levels? Uncomfortable working hours? Too much hard work? Lousy colleagues? Lacking perks? Not really. Even if those areas are also somewhat counting, I have learned that what disappoints people the most, is when top management distances themselves too much from their employees and the daily operations. When they keep most information and power to themselves and fail to involve and include their employees in the strategy and the bigger scheme of the company. The very same company that they are all a part of.

If you are part of top management and recognize the above, you probably sometimes think that you protect your companies’ business by not letting people in on your plans. However, I think that you would be surprised by how things would develop if you started involving and including people more. Rather than losing power which is probably the biggest fear, you would instead enjoy a more positive and committed work force working for you instead of against. Promoters. Everyone enjoys being part of something bigger than themselves. Let them!

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