In this recruitment Northcube is working with Nu Creatives, and wishes that all contacts and applications go through Nu Creatives. 

northcubeNorthcube is looking for Android developers to help us bring our health apps to the next level. Through Sleep Cycle, we help people sleep better. Through Life Cycle, we help people spend their time better. We’re now searching for developers than can help us elevate these experiences even further. Your code will contribute to the well-being of millions of people, every day, and benefit to their increased quality of life. You will work with a team of world class developers, with apps that have been featured hundreds of times in media and sales.

We are looking for someone that has a strong passion and experience in developing Android applications. You love writing beautifully structured code and you love to apply your skills on not just a functional experience, but one that puts end user quality first. You’ve got ideas of your own, you’re comfortable with owning a feature and implement it with your style. You enjoy participating in the creative discussions on new ideas of the apps. And you’re not afraid to apply your skills in uncharted territories. You also think that Silicon Valley on HBO is both funny and surprisingly accurate.

Skills & Requirements

  • Expert knowledge in developing, shipping and maintaining Android applications
  • Deep understanding of Android framework
  • Proven experience in supporting varying screen sizes, devices and Android themes.
  • Strong coding experience in Java
  • Excellent communication skills
  • BS degree in computer science or equivalent work experience


  • Experience in Machine Intelligence/Learning
  • Experience coding in iOS or Python
  • Experience with Multi-Threading and memory management specific to mobile devices

About Northcube AB

Northcube is a leading Swedish app development studio founded in 2008 by industry veterans. We develop apps exclusively for the App Store and Google Play, engaging some of the most talented programmers and designers in Europe.

Focusing on health apps, we rank amongst the most successful developers in the world. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock alone is used by millions of people all over the world. With the launch of its sister app, Life Cycle, we’re repeating the success.

We promote a passionate company culture, where you as a developer can work without the deadlines and requests that come from a customer comissioned oriented environment. We own our entire pipeline, from concept and idea to development and implementation, and launch. We provide a flexible and dynamic environment where you as a developer can thrive in a climate where the focus is on quality, and the time it takes for that mature, not on shipping something because someone came up with a random deadline. You will be challenged where it matters, and you’ll be able to nurture and grow your skills, not rush through the code because of previously mentioned random deadline.

Our office is situated in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. We’ve even got a terrace with a view over the rooftops.


In this recruitment Northcube is working with Nu Creatives, and wishes that all contacts and applications go through Nu Creatives. Please email your application marked ‘Android NC’ to

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