Why You Should Use Recruitment As Employer Branding

Smart companies realize that their recruitment activities are in fact golden opportunities for employer branding, and not just finding a new hire.

Job adverts, candidate handling, interviews, feedback etc. are all great opportunities to market yourself as a company – and actually not just as an employer.

Even if the above seems pretty easy to grasp, I come across people almost every day who feel disappointed and neglected because they never heard anything back from the company where they applied for a job. Not too rare people with good positions in the industry – and often – the companies not communicating, were viewed as nice companies, up until that point. These people are often surprised that a great company like that, doesn’t even make the effort to give them some sort of final answer. This is of course even worse if a person has visited them for several interviews, invested time in doing tests and in other ways, gave committment and time to that company – for free. One would think that an answer is the least to expect. But unfortunately many companies become a bit self-centered in what they want, and focus only on what they think could bring them that, here and now. It’s of course also a matter of time and resources. But as rumour travels fast, it might be a good priority to show your appreciation and give feedback to anyone who has shown an interest in your company.

Another thing that is somewhat related to this, is the benefits of thinking about what the candidate might want out of a job and an employer, when formulating a job advert or a company presentation during an interview. Many companies I’ve met have a tendency to focus only on what they want and need – in the job description or in the interview situation, and forget all about the why-would-I-even-be-interested-in-changing-jobs-and-come-work-for-you-instead? question.

This is obviously not rocket science, just a matter of common decency and strategy. With pretty small means, you can use your recruitment activites as a cheap and easy way to make a good impression. A little bit of goodwill never hurt anyone, right?

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