The Art of Building a Future-Proof Marketing Team


On October 12th, I visited Inbound Day 2015 – an event hosted by Zooma, packed with substantial lectures on Inbound Marketing. One of the lecturers – Hanna Nätt-Falkäng from iStone – talked about how she went about when facing the challenge of building an inbound marketing team from scratch, needing to define completely new roles and skillsets, and what steps she took to succeed with the mission.

This type of ‘problem’ is often a hot topic when I discuss recruitment with various companies. The how to find someone for a role that never was before. Therefor, I was glad to find a blog post from Hanna, where she describes and shares some experience on the matter. You can read the entire blog post in Swedish here.

I will cover this theme more in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

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