Draw Your World with The Unfinished Swan

On the 24th of October, The Unfinished Swan will be released through the Playstation Network. A game that ought to appeal to the more artistic audience. The first thing that meets the player is a blank, white screen. An empty canvas to be filled with your drawing of the world.

The game, that is about exploring the unknown, starts with a story of a little boy who loses his artistic mother. She leaves behind several paintings, but the boy only gets to bring one to his home. He choses the one she never finished. The one with an almost finished swan. It doesn’t take long before we learn that the painting is special. The swan escapes and the the boy runs after it, into a surreal and twisted world of crazy kings, terrifying monsters and no colours what so ever. And he starts to paint.

Giant Sparrow has created a unique, interactive music theme for the game, adding to the experience. Beautiful and comfortable music moods have been mixed with strophes that create feelings of unease. Together they are meant to guide you as you discover the world. Real instruments have been mixed with digital sounds to create an organic feel. I’m looking forward to discover The Unfinished Swan.


Source: giantsparrow.com and fz.se

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