Classical Painter Joakim Ericsson Explores the Digital Medium

Last year, I went to the Florence Academy of Art in order to get better at drawing. One of my teachers, Joakim Ericsson, is a classical painter as well as the academic director of the schools’ Swedish branch. Formerly, he was a student of the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum.

Someone handed Joakim a wacom board a few months ago. Since then, he has spent some long nights eagerly exploring the digital medium. And the results speak for themselves. That was a good idea. I think this is a great example that once you know the principles of building an image – concept, story, mood, shapes, colours, light&shadow relationships etc – the medium is of minor importance. The digital framework opens up for new possibilities when it comes to techniques, efficiency and usage. True. But a good artist is a good artist, regardless the medium. Thought I’d share with you some of the fresh, inspiring digital images produced by the talented Joakim – classical painter and digital rookie.


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